Horrible cdr write quality with px-716A-firmware 1.05



I have a px-716 ( tla #02 ) since I upgrade the drive to 1.05 firmware I have horrible write cdr quality.
I use verbatim pastel disc with ID Taiyo yuden 48x burned at 32x and 48x, in almost all cases the writes with this firmware are very ugly ( full of c1 errors and in some cases a lot of c2 errors. )
I downgrade to 1.04u and now the write quality is ok with no c2 errors and a avg c1 errors on 1-2 range.

Does anybody have this problem too?
Shall I RMA my drive?

The problem happend with nero, k3b and also with the cdrom maker of plextools.


I don’t know what’s causing your problems but I wouldn’t RMA the drive as with firmware 1.04 the drive works fine (which leads me to believe it’s not a hardware problem). Have you tried some other media? How many discs did you test? Could you post some scans and details on your hardware set-up? Tnx and good luck!


Im at university so till afternoon I cant access to my computer and puts the quality scans.
I did it with almost 30 cdr of pastel disc of 3 different cakebox and with some Imation 48x ( ID cmc magnetics ) with more horrible result :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks and this afternoon I put some quality scans of the cds that don’t go directly to the trash can.


Scan for a Pastel disc of verbatim ( id Taiyo yuden ) with firmware 1.05 ( first one ) and with firmware 1.04u.
This 1.05 scan is one of the best scans that I have ( others have a lot of cd2 errors ).

My system: pentium 4 2.6, 512 RAM, 2 80 gb disk of WD.
The burner is with udma4 on slave and the reader on master.
I never do the copys on the fly.
My OS: windows 2000 sp4 and debian sarge with 2.6 kernel.


The second scan is good.

The first scan not so bad.


Hi, Undertow,
Please, try to connect your burner as master and your reader as slave !!!
Good luck.


Comeon, the finding is right! The quality of the burn is obvious worse… for CD’s you better stick with previous firmware… Anyway I don’t burn CDs anymore…


Not so bad?? That’s a coaster right there. Redbook standard allows maximum one C2 error per hour. Just how many C2s do you need to call it bad?


i through CU(Plextools) error and C2(KProbe) can compared


I don’t think so. Anyway, why do you bring that up? I see neither CUs nor KProbe scans here.


why not,I thought in such a way


It’s kind of hard to figure out what you are trying to say, bladeede.


i must translating with a machine some word are different to say in german to english


Use 1.06


Some burns from,i mean that was ver very bad burn,


it´s a joke


I also have difficulties in understanding what you mean, but the images you posted indicate a very good burn quality… or what do you mean by stating “it’s a joke”???


joke = scherz


I mean it ironically


It took us a dozen posts, but now I know what you meant by that “not so bad” comment at last. =)


Ok, here’s another for you to look at. I don’t like the way this burn looks at the end, but it is supposedly technically “acceptable”. It was done using FW 1.06 on a PX-716A TLA0101 at 48X (entire disc took less than 1 minute). There are no C2 errors, but a pile of C1 errors at the end. Regardless, it plays well on every CD player I own.

[edit] It was done using Maxell CDRpro media (Taiyo Yuden type 1: AZO)

Please let me know your comments.