Horrible burns with nec 7170a

sup all,

 i have 2 of these Nec-Optiarc 7170a drives i bought from newegg in the past 6 months.  the 1st one has had about 100 discs pushed through it, the 2nd one only about 10 or so.  im getting Horrible scans with cdspeed on verbatim media with both of them.  im talking quality scores in the 40s and below, even a few that had 0 scores.  this is with the verbatim 16x -r and +r and with the verb dvd+r_dl disks.  i scan with a lite-on @4x and with the Nec drive itself @8x.  i have tried the org 1.04 firmware and liggy&dees 1M1 firmware (yes i only flash in safe-mode).  ive also tried several different batches of disks.  also a new 80pin ata cable, and i made sure that dma was enabled.  so im wondering are these drives just junk or is there something else i can try?  (i think when i get home tonight im going to put 1 of the drives in a different pc and see what happens)  anyone got any ideas?

I have 2 of the exact same drives with liggy 1.04. Both of them scan terrible. They are suck ass scanners but are excellent burners with great burns & compatibility. I bet when you watch the burns they never skip. Try scanning with a BenQ 1640. When I scan with this my burns quality is 96%, but when I scan with the nec ad-7170a the quality is 0%-40% maybe 60%.
Seriously this is one of the best burners you can buy!!!:iagree:

I own this drive and have no problems. Try flashing the drives. Sony/Nec make excellent equipment if you ask me. Try more different media’s before judging so harsh. I scan at 80% or higher and stable all the way with Avita from Office Depot (CMC MAG Various) media! This is one of my prized drives. Good Luck.

been busy at work and havent had time to play much more.
hopefully this weekend ill get to post some scans for ya guys to look at :slight_smile:
thx for he replys btw :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of burns I did with my Nec Optiarc AD-7170A Liggy 1.04:bow: (YUDEN000T02 burned @ 8x)
Like I said before you have to scan with a drive that is capable of giving accurate results & the AD-7170A does not. It is a superb burner but horrible scanner. Try scanning with a BenQ or Lite-on, or ask a few people around the forum about good scanners & then go pick one up. Sorry I am on this topic so much, but I want you to realize how good of burners you really have. Matter of fact sometimes I get better burns with this than with my Pioneer DVR 112D:iagree:

Sorry I forgot this one:iagree: I always get burns like this from this burner, both of them.