Horrible burns for verbatium DL printables?

PIE Max = 131
PIE Total = 573,073

PI Fail Max= 9
PI Fail Total= 2,290

these are the numbers im getting most of the time, but ive even had way worse than this, i thought verbatium was sopposed to be the best, is this common?

lol and just for giggles here is the first disc i burned

PIE Max=651
PIE Total=4,093,009

PI Fail Max=367
PI Fail Total=22,305

i really didn’t expect my burns to be this bad, infact i thought they would have been better than normal DL’s.

they were scanned before being printed. and i have used both of my top end burners, sammy 203 and a sony 7200s

What burning app are you using?

Made in (Singapore, Taiwan, India)?
25er or 50er spindle?

ok i uploaded the scans, im not sure if the PIE average and quality score are working right but everything else about it looks legit. and my other DL’s get good scans so.

anyways as for your questions, this was a 25pack of 2.4x from singapore(according to my spindle/box label), from newegg.

im using imgburn, and ive burned at 2.4x, as well as 2.0x. the disc that got a 0 quality score was the one that i tried burning at 4x, imgburn said in the description that it was burnable at 2.4x and 4.0x, so i thought the higher speed might give me a better burn seeing as how 2.4x was doing so bad.

Do they freeze? is the video pixelated?

Use 5x speed to scan with the Optiarc, or 4x to scan with the Sammy.

Scans No. 1, 3+4 are looking ok for me, the discs shouldn´t cause any trouble in standalone players, despite the high PIE level.

Scan No. 2 might be faulty at the layerbreak, but not necessarily.
Please reduce the scan-velocity as negritude has recommended and try again.