(Hopefully) An easy solution


I use Nero 6 99% of the time. I prefer the ease of use. Anyway, I’m hoping someone knows if this is possible…

I’m crazy (and articulate) regarding my own comps so I try to use my Nero to it’s capacity. In other words, lots of crossfading, stereo widening, eqs, etc. However, it’s taking too long to keep burning a project first onto a CD-RW before I finalize on a CD-R (basically, too much trial and error before I’m satisfied). Unfortunately, I can’t hear the ‘blends’ between tunes unless I burn an actual CD.

With all that said, is it possible (somewhere in NERO) to ‘hear’ my comp (with the cross-fades, blends, etc.) BEFORE the burn? I know once I select the tunes to burn, I can hear the difference but it won’t continue to the next tune to ‘hear’ the blends/cross-overs.

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Anyone? :doh: :frowning: :frowning: :confused:

Can you perhaps ‘burn’ the mix as an image (to the HD) and then play that image in VLC player? I do that all the time with video. Then when you like you can burn the image to a CD-R.