Hope this is the right forum: dIVX streaming vid - breaking encryption

I recently purchased a streaming video in DivX format from a website, and when I asked the website owner about “Saving the content to my hard drive” that I had just viewed in my divX player, I was told that the reason I couldn’t save the movie, is because only a portion of the movie actually “resides” on my computer (on my end) – the server side sending the content stores another portion of the video, and is never sent to my end other than (I assume) to give instructions on how to “decrypt” the movie file?

I originally thought DivX was a video recorder that never really caught on (like beta video when VHS became the standard), what is it’s relationship to DivX video file format?

Is there a way to save my movie to my hard drive, and defeat the encryption process? Or basicly has this file format pretty much immune to encryption breaking tools?

Maybe there is a software program that handles these types of situations that you might know of that can capture my streaming video content to my hard drive for viewing at a later date?

Thank you for the kind helps!
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Once you have the divx file you can convert it to many other formats with conversion software.

Seems like your problem is that you don’t have it on your hard drive. I do not know exactly how you viewed this, is it an on line payment to stream and watch movies?

I do not know if what you are asking qualifies as stealing the movie.

Can you elaborate please on what specifically happened, and what you are trying to do.

I paid for the movie and had to install something called the DivxPro ad supported viewer from DivX dot com.

I am unsure why (or if) I was allowed to “save it to the hard drive” which brings me to this copy protection issue:

I was able to save a very large Video file to my hard drive. Essentially I would say this was almost the complete movie.

However when I clicked on it to view it, the DivX player came up connected to the remote movie server, and said “not authorized” or something along those lines – -

The strange thing was that I was able to view the movie just fine the first time (while it was streaming.) Then a couple days later, I double click on this huge video file and the DviX player launches and says “not authorized.”

When I finally got a reply back from the movie service provider (I had asked about understanding what the file was that was on my hard drive) I was told that it was almost the “complete” movie - - HOWEVER, a small portion of the movie remained on the server side - and does not ever get downloaded on to my hard drive. He want on to say that this small portion of the file was needed to view the movie, even though most all of the video file was downloaded to my hard drive and saved.

Essentially I was left with the impression that there was something “copy protection” oriented about the setup - - almost like the large file on my hard drive needed to be “unlocked” by the smaller file that was available on the server side. Some sort of verification or decoding process must have been involved (IMO) because I was never able to get it to play again after the first night. At this point I am not even sure if it was intended for a single viewing (one time) viewing or if I was meant to be able to keep it for later viewing - - however, It must have been the former because the file on my hard drive will not play the video anymore-- Again the DivX ad supported player will open up, and then it checks the movie servers, and returns an “not authorized” message.

I wanted to find out a little more about how this works, and if anyone has heard of this type of movie service - where you never actually get to “keep” the movie but rather are paying for a single viewing or a single days use? Also do they use an encryption type setup with DivX for online streaming video, and is it essentially unviewable without a code? (in other words, should I just toss out this huge movie file and delete it or is there a way to work around the “not authorized” message that comes up on the DivX player screen when I double click on the video file? I haven’t found another player which will play the DivX format that this DivX ad supported player is using. I don’t know if it’s a special codec or what, but I haven’t been able to view or bring the video up in any other program (I have the Quicktime and Windows Media Viewer which can view movies as well.)

BTW- the movie was an exceptionally “high quality” view – in other words this wasn’t your “real media” garbage stream.

The video file itself (on my hard drive) is essentially about 6-700 MB in size.

Thank you - hope this helps clarify a bit more -
Thank you

I think you can get more help in general software forum.

Doesn’t sound like a protection scheme, if anything, a security issude related to the web for unaccessable permission to the movie.

Thread moved.

Further, its either like you stated, some unlocking issue, or being as picky as divx is, they may be taking advantage of it not playing unless youhave theheader which tells the PC movie lenght and other info about the movie.

Before doing anything and following any follow-ups anyone suggests, I suggest making a copy of this huge file into another folder and mess with that, not with the original.

Further, I would simply off the top of my head suggest divx repair software like Divx Fixer or Video Fixer. It may fill in th emissing gaps you need to run the movie.

Hope that helps or at leats puts you onto the right track.

Thank you for moving the post to the new forum, I also appreciate the advice on making a backup of the main file.

I will also try the fixer programs you suggested and tinkier with them a bit -

Just to understand, you have not heard of “encrypted” streaming content using the DivX file format? They are lopping the header off it and controling access to the file in that manner?

Thank you again for your kind reply and suggestions -

I look forward to others sharing some comments or ideas - -

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Lots of things are called encrypted now.
If they are chopping off the header, its not really encrypted physically with an algorithm which needs an unlock code, but its still an unprovided piece of info that most PC software need to read and play divx and maybe I guess you can call it encrypted because of that.

Also try da playa its at divx.com because it plays broken or incomplete divx movies better and moreso than any other players I had seen from personal experience. BUT, you can FF or RW. If it plays it though, you know fo rsure they chopped off the header.

divx doesnt stream well. what website did you get the stream from?

im not sure if that software supports any digital rights management into it.

Divx is still a very popular format, although lately it is being supplanted by the free Xvid format.

The owner has explained to you how he protects his product and keeps it from being freely redistributed. It seems this is not the place to find out how to cheat him (I may be wrong though as the moderaters have taken time to answer you). There are many other ways to get ‘free’ stuff and many places where such activities and procedures are freely discussed.

just found out about this forum cause i was searching xvid streaming…

i found this site where they stream xvid stuff : www.video-plug.com and that brought me back to cedelia.com.

I never saw their player before, it’s called streamplug i saw, but it installed quick and played right away, and in very good quality… anyone knows about it? I keep looking for more but can’t seem to find any… Is it just brand new?

diamond is that thing what you used or was it divxplayer? man where can i get more films with this thing!??

I wonder if anyone noticed my post. It’s odd cause i think divx streaming might be the solution for streaming altogether, as it has been already for video compression.
I reread all that thread and realized how over excited i was at first. diamond obviously used the divx plugin and as far as i know there’s not one page where you have to pay for a movie in the streamplug pages. I been playing around with the two players now and the comparison is quite interesting but i’m not so much of a technician myself and a lot goes way over my head. It’d b nice if people more intelligent than myself had a look and gave us (me!) their thoughts about the two players.
I’m so excited still to see that streaming movies in good quality is on its way. I so hate waiting to watch something.

links to compare :