Hope not a dumb question...What if anything do you use to mark your DVD's



A Sharpie? something else? or just blank and label the case?
Will the ink harm the dvd?

hope this is the right forum I looked but wasnt sure which would apply. if not please MODS move to right one…


Asked and discussed many times in the media forum. Sharpies is the most common answer. On a DVD, (unlike CDR), it really doesn’t matter what you use.


Sorry should have done a search, as I would tell others i nthe forum I mod. thank you :slight_smile:


I use lightscribe :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind me asking, why is that?
I must have missed that discussion in the forums.

This is just for my information.
Thanks RD.


because the data layer on a cd is essentially ontop, whereas with a dvd it is sandwiched between two pieces of plastic, try scratching the top of a cd the data layer will flake off try it with a dvd and all you will get is scratched plastic, so the theory goes if you use alcohol based markers on a cd it could soak into the data layer.


I’ve used a magic marker on all disks, including CD-Rs and never had it screw one up! I have CDs that are YEARS old, and still read JUST FINE marked with a magic marker. I’d have to say that they make the stuff on the back of the CD-Rs to take marker SPECIFICALLY. I got a free :rolleyes: CD-R marker with a 50 spindle of CDs, that was nothing more than a fine point sharpie! :iagree:


Thanks Mr. Brownstone, that makes sense.
I have always been under the impression that the DVD construction was similar to that of the CD. I have experienced the issue with the CDs.

Thanks for enlightening me. I’ve learned somethong new on this site yet again. :bow: :iagree:


btw - nice cross-section pic and disc structure details;

I’ve always used sharpies anyway on all - I’ve had many more issues with store bought “pressed” CDs and the inherent “Pit-Rot”, than any sharpie issues as of yet…but I agree DVDs are constructed better


I haven’t read all the lines but the page looks good. How DVD Works is also useful and there’s DVD FAQ always.