Hope I've done the right thing...?

I bought the LG 4040B Burner and backed up about 10 DVDs with no problems and what appears to be very high quality. Like I have said in another post I really can’t see the difference between copy and original. But this is all did with the burner and nothing else. I will also be backing up alot of very important Data.
Then I see it…

CDFreaks review of the 4040B.

Before I ever fork over my hard earned coin for anything I review it as much as possible. There was only two real reviews I could find for the 4040B, one was Toms Hardware where it was laballed as being “King Ripper” etc etc.

I was shocked when I read the review here. Have I really spent all this money on a drive that is of poor quality? Anyways… back to drawing board to find a better drive.

Here’s what I have done: I took the 4040B back and got a refund. I did some research and bought the Pioneer DVR-A06U.
Future Shop sells it for $429.99 CDN. And I found it online for $239.99 CDN. Future shop wasn’t happy to price match but they agreed… reluctantly.

So out with the 4040B… in with the A06u. Good choice?

I don’t think you should have taken the drive back before running extensive tests on it. You had it,it worked great on DVD from what you’ve stated. In many situations,drives work differently from batch to batch,and the ones you’ve read about could have just been from a bad batch.
When I first got mine,i felt like you did,i began reading how the Sony DRU-500A
couldn’t write properly,and many other horror stories. But what I discovered is this,drives with the same model number are often manufactured at different plants,
and while the design features are the same,you would get a drive from a plant where the workers were meticulous about
'every single part,while I would get the same drive from the same company with the same model number from a plant whose workers weren’t so bothered about attention to detail. These factors ,and others,could very well be the line between a great drive,and a passible one. So next time,if your drive screws up.then take it back,but don’t be quick to base your opinion on something else without getting proof first,especially after you got it home already…Good Luck…:cool:

Thanks for the info, much appreciated. As right as you may be I’ve had a few days to get used to my Pioneer and I love it. The Pioneer was also ALOT more money when I got the LG but was able to get it for ALOT less. So between the bad review of the LG and the excellent price I was able to get the Pioneer for I am happy I made the exchange.
I do understand where your coming from and I still maintain that I was getting good quality looking back-ups with the LG. So I am in no way bashing the LG drive…

…just noticed you also just posted in the LG 4040B review thread. I see your getting the Pioneer as well… :bigsmile:

Yeah,buddy I stradled the fence on that one,long enough…I’m gonna see what these guys have to say…:bigsmile: