Hope Floats DVD: FREEZE Issue

Well I’m backing up a old DVD of mine for Hope Floats. I first used DVD Shrink and it froze and locked my computer about near end. The disc is in not great shape so flipped over from WS side to FS…same result. I then used DVD Fab latest rev and it ripped fine. I then went into DVD Shrink to extract just the movie using the DVD Fab HDD files and is locked at same point. Do you think this is a disc issue…if so how could that transfer to the VOB files on HDD when Fab wa sucessful ? Usually the issue is either disc bad or encyption is out of date for Shrink. Thus, the DVD FAB+DVDShrink is a fool proof combo for me…first time I’ve run into this.


Just an adder…the movie froze in almost the EXACT same frame each time.

when reading scratched dvds dvdfab has the ability to skip bad sectors after a reading error. this can be manually adjusted to your preference with dvdfab platinum, which comes with a 30 day trial.

if the dvd is scratched really bad ive heard of applying toothpaste and wiping it off. dont try this just yet, do some searching and find out what to do the proper way. search ‘scratched dvd’ will bring up 29 threads. so there are threads on this forum which discuss backing up scratched dvds.

if all else fails you could try this link curtosy of StormJumper http://www.discrescuer.com/index.htm?referrer=google

As troy512 said, there are a variety of ways to try to clean-up a scratched disc, toothpaste being one of them…acts like a jeweler’s rouge.

I don’t think the following will work, but it might so it’s worth a shot.
In [B]Common Settings[/B] tick on
[B]Ignore all read errors automatically[/B]
Also, untick
[B]Enable read-ahead cache[/B].

IMO, the best method of “restoring” a beat-up, scratched disc is to use Brasso (metal and plastic polish) and a microfiber cloth (quality lens cloth)
This is courtesy of bigmacnc…he has a great story about a beat-up cd he found in a parking lot and ultimately was able to play… :iagree: