Hookup Help Please

I got a second LVW-1107HC1 for the bedroom. I have a satellite receiver and an older tv that only has an RF connection. Do I have to use an RF modulator, or is there some other way? I know with my VCR, I never needed an RF modulator. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unlick most VCRs, the Lite-On series have the drawback of having no built-in RF modulator. If your satellite receiver has an AV input, one thing worth trying would be to connect the TV out of your Lite-On to the satellite receiver’s AV input. When you set the satellite receiver to AV-input (Aux), it should then show your Lite-On picture. The picture quality will not be as good as connecting up the Lite-On directly to the TV via AV cables, but assuming your satellite receiver has AV-inputs, this should at least get you use the Lite-On with your RF-only TV.

Unfortunately, if your satellite receiver has no AV-inputs or if you have issues getting your Lite-On to work through the satellti receiver’s AV input, you’ll need to get to get hold of an RF modulator to display the Lite-On picture.

Hey Sean,
sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to thank you. I ended up hooking up the Lite-On into the satellite receiver via A/V and it works great. However, I still had to use a RF modulator to get it all to work. But it’s recording through the A/V hookup so it’s good pic and in stereo. I don’t watch the disks on that tv anyway, so all is good.

Thanks again :slight_smile: