Hooking up VCR to LCD HDTV to record over the air broadcasts

I just bought this TV; http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Dynex%26%23153%3B±+19%22+Class+/+720p+/+60Hz+/+LCD+HDTV/9602913.p?skuId=9602913&productCategoryId=abcat0101001&cmp=%20%20&lid=abn_sku_3_TVs_SKU_9602913_TXT&id=1218129862699

and I need to hook up a DVD player, a VCR, & antenna to it. Our house has an analog antenna, we do not have a subscription to cable, or satellite, just use free over the air signals the other tube TVs in the home get DTV with converter boxes… My new TV can get digital channels over antenna because it has a built in tuner. It has one RF hookup in the back, of which I plugged in my indoor antenna. My DVD player is hooked up to the the AV input 1. That leaves the component & HDMI hook ups free. The thing is I want to be able to use the VCR to record from the signals the antenna picks up, not just play VCR tapes. And there seems to be no way to get an output RF to feed the antenna signal to the VCR for recording, the single RF input is being used by the antenna.

Another issue I am having is I dont seem to get reception for all channels, I get UHF, but not VHF, I get alot of Spanish channels, KPBS 15, KUSI 51, & KSWB 69, but no CBS 8, ABC 10, or NBC 39.

Is there anyway to make it all work? or did I get the wrong TV? are there any adapters I can get? I am not too experienced with setting up an HDTV, have been using tube analog TVs so far.

I also noticed when I played a standard def DVD on the new TV, it looked a bit stretched horizontally, & a bit grainy, are there settings that I can adjust for this? & other standard def material?

get DTV with converter boxes.

AFAIK there are no VCRs that can receive digital OTA natively so you’ll need another converter and a splitter.

that was the whole point of me getting an LCD TV, so I could get the signals directly without a converter box, but it looks like I need one anyway? to feed the digital signal to the VCR? if I need a digital converter box, I mine as well just stick with an analog TV, it is less expensive & complicated to hook up with a VCR, then trying to adapt a newer tech TV to older tech VCR.