Hooking Up VCR, DVD/VCR, Video Stabilizer and TV

Hello. I hope someone is able to help. I have an old Sharp 25 inch tv, an old JVC VCR, a new Toshiba DVD/VCR recorder and a digital stabilizer. My question is: How do I set this up? Which cables do I connect between and among each component? I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Thank you.

DVD/VCR > digital stabilizer > JVC VCR > TV (for recording DVD or VHS to VHS)

I think you will need to change the order depending on what you are trying to do.
For example if you are trying to go commercial copy protected VHS to DVD disc then you would want the JVC VCR >digital stabilizer >DVD/VCR >TV.
If you have a cable or satellite box on channels that have broadcast flags : box>digital stabilizer>DVD/VCR > JVC VCR > TV
If it was my system I would put the JVC VCR on a AB switch for occasional use or for just playing VHS to save wear on the new unit.Leaving it out of the regular line up.
There are remote multiple switch boxes. One of those would be the most convenient.
These instructions depend on your tech skill to connect the correct inputs to the correct outputs.

Thank you both for your help. My technical knowledge is fair. I may be seeing my best friend this weekend whose knowledge is much better then mine, so I will have him look at your suggestions and give me a hand. Thanks again.