Hooking up a dvd recorder

I recently purchased a DVR90DEA® dvd recorder by Sylvania. This is my first dvd recorder and I only want it to record TV shows to watch later. I have had several strokes in the past so my understanding of new technology is a bit slow. What I need to know primarily is this. My TV has only one RF input. The dvd recorder has audio inputs and outputs as well as RF inputs and outputs. Will I need a RF Modulator to hook up the audio connections or is it supposed to work with the RF connections? I understand the need to use DVD-RW discs with thes unit to be able to record over the disc multiple times. Can someone advise me.

im pretty sure u dont need the modulator. try without it. i used to have one of those and dont remember buying one

A lot of DVD recorders do need to be connected by video and audio cables. The RF out is simply a pass through. If that’s the case with your Sylvania, then you will need a modulator. Time to RTFM, I guess…

I can’t get any “on screen” display of any kind no matter how I hook it up with the RF cable so it may be just for pass through viewing of the TV signal. I’ll try a RF Modulator in the hook up and see what happens. By the way…I emailed Sylvania last week and they haven’t bothered to answer. Thanks for your answers and I’ll let you know what I find out.:slight_smile: