Hooking home theatre and blu ray to tv to get surround sound

When I hook up the home theatre to my tv, I will connect to a separate HDMI outlet on the tv. Likewise with the blu ray but to gain the surround sound, will I hook the audio cable from the blu ray to the home theatre? or home theatre to tv? or hook up both ways?


the easiest way to do it is to have a reciever that has hdmi inputs and an output. that way you can run an hdmi cable from any of your components to your receiver, then run one cable from the receiver to the tv.

if you dont have a caoabke hdmi reciever, yes, you need to run sound from the component to the receiver not to the tv

It’s not as simple as having a receiver with HDMI inputs and outputs.

You must be aware of something first and this has been point out many times over.

There are two different types of HDMI on receiver’s

[B]HDMI Passthrough/Switching[/B]

No repeated handshakes of the HDCP codes. Will only allow video to pass through and requires a separate audio connection.

[B]HDMI Repeater[/B]

Repeats the the handshakes of the HDCP codes and allows both video and audio to pass through.

  • Note future updates of the HDCP code may require a firmware update or a device that support the change.

So if the receiver has HDMI Passthrough you will have to use a optical or coaxial connection between the Blu-ray player and/or digital box to the receiver for the audio portion.