Hook up my kidz

Santa brought my two sons a couple of very modest Digital Audio Players for Christmas. I’d like to rip songs from CDs I OWN in wma format for the kids. I used Windows Media Player. Some files play on the devices, but many seem to be tied up in some licensing issue.

How can I get these files to play on their devices?


The solution to WMA is to not use it. You will waste lots of time and disc space ripping into a format whose main purpose is to take away your right to play the music you own.

Try ripping to superior formats like MP3. This can be done by using tools like Exact Audio Copy. You will need the LAME Encoder DLL for highest quality encoding.

Isn’t MP3 twice as expensive in terms of file size? I’d like to make these files as small as possible. One of the machines holds only 128mb and the other 256. They’re young kids (7 and 11) so they don’t know too many songs but still I’d like to be as economical as possible…

That’s what Microsoft will have you believe. The difference isn’t nearly as much, and with a good MP3 encoder it will probably be indistiguishable to 7 and 11 year olds unless they are audio enthusiasts with high end headphones.

Try it yourself. Try encoding a WMA at 64 kbps and MP3 using LAME at 64 kbps and making your own decision.

My point is that I want to get as many songs as possible on the devices as possible. Armed with your advice, I’ll try MP3 instead. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks!


OK good luck with that. I have a 128 MB player as well so I know the pains of getting lots of song into a small space.