HongKong, good place for PC-hardware?

Hello all,

Is there someone of our Asian friends who can tell me, if it’s a good idea to buy PC-stuff in Hong Kong? I ask this, because of a business trip next month. So I’d like to buy things like a new CPU, some DDR2 memory and perhaps a new graphicscard. Is it as cheap in Hong Kong like in south korea? Or is the situation totally different? How about the risks of getting fooled by the shopkeeper? :stuck_out_tongue: Any advice you people can give? I’d really like to know :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

You must have been to South Korea to ask so but South Korean markets are far more expensive than Japanese and Chinese markets. Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo may be the best places for shopping for PC hardware products. Not Seoul though Seoul obviously has more stores than anywhere else.

I live near South Korea’s largest airport, in the same town. There are always thousands of South Koreans who shopped in Hong Kong at the airport wanting to import products without reporting to the authority.

Chinese written in Hong Kong is easier to me than Chinese written in Tokyo but I don’t know any price information about Hong Kong market. Foreigners are always good customers to many South Korean computer shops because they can charge a lot more. Tokyo Akihabara shops dont’ do that usually but Hong Kong’s similar to Seoul streets. Personally, I’m interested in the Pentium M motherboards and processors sold in Tokyo. DDR II modules are still too expensive. The cost to end users should fall by HALF in a few months at most. Since most Japanese companies stopped making DRAM chips, South Korean companies kept tight control of the worldwide RAM market, helping a lot to fix prices at which they are exceptionally good. That’s why a 256MB DDR-SDRAM module was cheaper than a 64MB CF card 3 years ago but a 1024MB CF card costs just as much as a 256MB DDR II SDRAM module. Intel should start making 64GB flash memory and 4GHz RAM.

Here are some pictures of the new Yongsan station complex in Seoul.

Thats a very nice looking station and some well taken and clear photos kenshin…

I’ve bought some cheap stuff in malaysia and singapore…

It’s one of the most important stations in the newest South Korean railroads connecting Seoul area and Busan area, also serving Seoul subway lines. TGV high-speed. And the Yongsan computer market has over 10,000 shops. Those who built the complex wanted to attract as many subway and TGV riders and as many Yongsan market stores and customers. They also wanted to make it easy to go to the Inchon International Airport, also Asia’s largest, they say, and to match the beauty of the airport buildings. I’m waiting for the completion of the subway line connecting this airport (where I live) and the center of Seoul (where Yongsan is) because that’s the only not-so-much-uncomfortable way to move on wheelchair in South Korea (and also a little safer.)

But it’s usual they concentrate on easy appearances only. Like the tens of billions of USD poured into the airport, a lot of money wasted. Bribery and politics. I hope it could help modernize the PC industry in Seoul but again it’s not the people that are modernized by residing in a good-looking building. Photos were taken by Mr. hetfield. If it were me, I’d have taken optical drive and media pictures mostly instead. :slight_smile:

I forgot to add Malaysia. :slight_smile:

Not sure about Thailand. Many important production facilities are also in Thailand, Shanghai, Taipei, Guangjou of Guangdong, and somewhere between Guangjou and Hong Kong, in addition to the places listed above. Tokyo is the home of most BIG NAMES that appear on CDFreaks news. One reason South Korea is no more included for PC hardware is that South Korea almost expelled many Western and Japanese companies by riots and strikes (helped by NK and communists) so they closed factories and Asia-Pacific headquarters there and moved elsewhere, like Singapore and Malaysia. One reason Samsung has become world’s first electronics company after becoming the largest DRAM company is that Samsung never allowed labor union. An amusing fact is that Samsung rewards its employees better than any other companies while some others with the strongest and violent labor unions rapidly went bankrupt or sold overseas or lost domestic market share to Samsung. Over 10 billion profits this year again.

Hardware products are also cheap in China and sometimes introduced there first, but shoppers on the street there need to be more careful.

Those who come to Asia for cheap hardware products better first consult online sources. CDFreaks forums are of course not such sources since Kakaku.com and Danawa.co.kr are there for such purposes. Considering the efforts and price differences, I think it’s better not expect anything in advance. Just sightseeing on the electronics and computer markets should do and if you find some good deals by chance, find first if it’s negotiable and then decide. There is no place like the United States that rewards consumers best.

Products that require intensive labor are cheap even in South Korea’s Yongsan market like the 80cm IDE cables I use and some PC cases because there are hundreds of thousands in Seoul alone for such labor and their average monthly payment is about US$1K and many receive only around US$0.5K, a dream for billions of people but unacceptable for most readers here. Dong-guan and Guang-dong areas in the mainland are many times better. But coming to East Asia to employ local people for such a small-scale labor is nonsense. One of my friends who also runs his optical storage communities (in Korean) is working in China because building and running a factory for Kimchi and PC hardware components is so much cheaper there. I also wanted to go there and thought about it a few times but I can’t speak Chinese yet.

AnyDVD, DVDRegionFree, DVDShrink, DVD43…
Are these software for making a DVD disc region free for watching DVD on PC only?
or they also work for DVD player on the home theatre ?

I asked this because I tried with AnyDVD to burn a DVD disc, it only works on my PC but not on my Sony DVP-NS725P DVD player.

You must have clicked by mistake.