Hong Kong-manufactured NexxTech

I just bought two 50-pack spindle of NexxTech-brand DVD+R, but now I’m not sure I should open them. I had previously bought NexxTech-brand blank DVDs at Circuit City but they were 25-pack spindle, and they were either Taiwan-made MCC or CMC which were OK.

I saw these new 50-packs on sale, and grabbed them in a hurry without looking carefully. But these are labeled “manufacured in Hong Kong.” Anyone know anything or have any experience with these?

You may just want to exchange them for a spindle that is MIT. They could be AML002, which burns so-so in my NEC burners with higher PI numbers but decent PIF numbers. They burn very well in my Benq 1640 though.

Of course I’m just guessing about them being AML002, but Nexxtech is now packaged as UME01 in their -R discs as well as their previous media codes, and a couple of other brands sold on Black Friday were either UME01 (-R) or AML002 (+R), that’s why I’m guessing AML002…

According to VideoHelp, their +R is AML 002 and -R is UME01. Crappy chinese media has made it past Fry’s!

I also noticed that almost all the 50-pack DVD-/+R media were made in Hong Kong during Circuit City’s Black Friday sale, but I was lucky enough to grab one 50-pack of DVD-R made by CMC, probably from the old stock. Who would have thought that no-name brands now have to use really cheap no-name media to compete in price.

The UME01 dye seems to be unsupported by most manufacturers and no wonder it sucks big time in terms of write quality, kind of like the early days of CMC Magnetics.

The info on videohelp was posted after my post (I had checked before posting), I guess I was right about it being AML002. :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said, for cheap discs they burn quite well on my Benq 1640, PIF totals around 800-1000, PI max around 8-10. On my other burners they have PIF totals around 1-2k, but PI levels are maxing at 100-300 depending on the burner. So they are capable of fairly good results in the 1640, useable results in other burners. Not exactly my first choice in media, but if they are cheap enough and you need some cheapo discs, they may suffice.

Thanks for the info.

Hmmm, I suppose I’ll use them for unimportant stuff and for short-term keeping. The discs came out to $0.14 a piece so it’s probably not worth a trip back to Circuit City for me.

I should always look more carefully at the labels. I was in hurry but it wasn’t because of Black Friday. I got them on Saturday.