Hong Kong chops piracy

I just posted the article Hong Kong chops piracy.

Source: dailynews.yahoo.com

Asia, is almost known for their big piracy problems, some countries even sell less then 1 percent of legal software. Hong Kong should now have a percentage of pirated…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/857-Hong-Kong-chops-piracy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/857-Hong-Kong-chops-piracy.html)

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I’ve been there, and it’s realy gr8. There’s a market place where there are stands with cd-duplicators. You select several music songs of say whatever movie you can come up with. And voilla within 15 minutes a copy with printed inlays and cd for only a few dollars.

yeah, it’s great! you can buy everything (appz, games, psx, vcdz,) and everything is cheap. i lived here fore 3 summers, and everytime government said that they will stop piracy, and they never done it: so i think that what goverment said is bullshit. bie

Hong Kong is kewl my dad always goes there on busines trips, and brings me back a load of apps and psx.

I still order my games stuff there at a local store witch is cool enough to trust me. you guys should try that to. it’s rad. check out some hong-kong icq guys.

yes Replicator is right ive also been there and buying silver cds is very cheap - you can get your own custom made silver cd for a low low price, and people wont know where it is made - well unless you order a big quantity and sell them around , but noone is that dumb … or am i wrong?