Honestech MPEG Recorder 1.0 Beta

Sapete dove posso trovare la versione full o il cr**k di questo programma?

Ecco le specifiche:

“Honestech MPEG Recorder 1.0 Beta” is a software program that real-time captures full motion image data externally input into high image quality and small size of an MPEG file. Generally, to make a MPEG file, it was captured by using hardware MPEG board or by encoding the AVI file to MPEG after capturing it with capture program. In case of the former, it costs too much and it was impossible to upgrade and in case of the latter, it occupies a huge space to save the AVI and the operation is complex.
The product that eliminated these disadvantages is “Honestech MPEG Recorder 1.0 Beta”. Real-time capture is possible due to self-developed compression engine and it only needs small saving space but it still has high image quality.
And scheduling function will give more convenience to those who use this software.

sito: http://www.honestech.com/

prog: http://www.honestech.com/product/RbTVb.exe

ps: durante l’installazione il nome del programma è RAINBOW Mpeg…

Grazie a tutti!

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