Homepage virus travels around the world

I just posted the article Homepage virus travels around the world..

Some people never learn…

Saw this on a dutch site of planet internet warning about a new virus thats traveling around the world at this moment.

Again its a .vbs(Visual Basic script)…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1775-Homepage-virus-travels-around-the-world_.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1775-Homepage-virus-travels-around-the-world_.html)

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So what exactly does it do? Does it come with e-mail or can you be infected by just accessing a homepage:(?

if people are stupid enough to open vbs files no-matter what the preceeding filename is deserve to be infected with a virus in my opinion. come on people see that vbs files will probably be a virus. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.

It`s spreaded by email starchild.

I already recieved it 4 times. Some people r really stupid :stuck_out_tongue: Grtz JP:8

You know, I don’t want to appear stupid, but just what is a vbs file?:slight_smile:

a vbs file is a visual basic script and visual basic is a programming environment… don`t know who is so stupid to open these filez anyway.

Just readed on the telegraaf(dutch newspaper)that the virus (it a worm type)change you startup page to a pron site… Also they writed that the members of the australian parlement where 1 of the 1st victems of it,in the u.k. over 80 buisnessed are got hitted. Possible is that more then 100.000 infected mails are sended,the bbc says this is the biggest virus outbreak of 2001… I still cant understand after all the publicity of the other virusses(worms)people still click on vbs documents…

That comment about “yet another lamer” was rather lame from cd freaks. There are many things that appear on cd freaks as “news” after being on other sites for months, does that make cd freaks lamers too? So if you find that lame why do you post it in the news?

Yes it think its pretty lame to make a virus out of a virus homemade kit its click and point your own virus.not like the other people who write the code routine there selfs… And the reason i posted is that it`s news and as you can read here not all people know even what a vbs script is(no offence!)and there are still people clicking on it.

Hey jpschadde, You say that some people r really stupid. But what about you ? You got the mail from them !! So they must have you’re e-mail address ergo they must be friends of yours :wink: Grtz Mephisto P.S. Just kidding

He He RDJ134!! Quote: “Also they wrote that the members of the Australian parliament where 1 of the 1st victims of it,in the u.k. over 80 buisneses have been hit.” Just goes to prove who have too much time on their hands. Just picture all those politicians and company execs sitting there clicking spam mail :d Not only do they have too much time on their hands but apparently they’re also not using that time very constructively either :g As several of You guys already said: Who’s really stupid enough to execute .vbs files these days! On another note: The “the virus toolkit is lame”-posting by RDJ134 was highly justified. You really have to be very immature or petty to find it funny to send out a virus You haven’t made Yourself! LAMO!

RDJ134, people are stupid that’s why they keep pushing buttons. They don’t get it at the first time, they’ll have to try it few more times before they can understand that they souldn’t press that kind of links(or files) anymore. I haven’t got it and I don’t have any frinde who has got it, but… who knows what happens…

help i think i have a virus in my cd drive. it won’t stop opening and closing no matter what i try. any answer??