Homepage Designs

I don’t know, maybe this is the wrong subforum…

Nevertheless i would need some Homepage Designs/suggestions, whatever.

It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated page, only a good looking homepage because i don’t have much experience with html.

Thx for any suggestion :wink:


Try Cascade DTP - the price is right (free) and it generates really clean code, not the table and image padding hotchpotch that many other tools create - as far as I can tell, everything other than the partial screenshot on that page is styled text.

See also:
Free WYSIWYG HTML editors (generally visual editing, often of an intermediate format with final render to HTML).

HTML based Editors, visual or code, generally working at the HTML level, so they can be combined with expert tweaks and imported HTML code segments.

http://www.nvu.com/ - Nvu is definitely worth a look - supports Wysiwyg and code editing - don’t be fooled by the Linspire name - they provide the muscle, but it’s really the standalone version of Mozilla Composer.


Thx, i will try it as i get home :wink: