Homemade DVD-Audio going mute after 15 seconds

Hi everyone! This is my first post here, I sincerely hope someone can help me.

My hobby is converting stereo music to 5.1 surround, encoding it to DVD-Audio format and burning it to a DVD. I have done hundreds of these conversions.

I do this work on a Dell Latitude C640 laptop running XP SP1. The process is quite complicated, but the last step (encoding to DVD-Audio format and burning) is done with a software called Minnetonka DiscWelder Chrome 2.0. I play the DVD’s in my car (Acura TL) which is equiped with an audio system which can play this kind of disc.

Until a week ago, I was using a HP DVDwriter 300i burner with DVD+R media. My burner is installed in an external enclosure and connected to my laptop through a USB2.0 port. Everything was going well except that my burner could not rewrite CD-RW or DVD±RW as it was supposed to. So I took it back to the store and traded it for another model. To make a long story short, I have since traded it two more times with the same negative results. The last model they gave me is a LG burner, model GSA-4160B.

What happens is different for DVD-R and DVD+R. With DVD+R (which worked perfectly with the HP 300i and all brands of media I ever used), my player just does not recognize it. It flashes “DISC” and spits it out. With DVD-R, it plays a song for about 15 seconds and then goes mute; the seconds keep ticking until the next song starts, but with no sound; if I advance to the next song, it plays 15 seconds and goes mute again.

I have tried several possible solutions, including flashing the burner’s firmware, burning as an iso image with Nero 6 instead of using DiscWelder’s built-in burning program, burning at the lowest possible speed, using DVD-RW media and connecting the burner to another laptop running XP Home. The result is always the same.

Attached is the full content of the Nero InfoTool run. It is a lot of information, but it could be significant in the troubleshooting process. Near the bottom, it says that my System ASPI installation is corrupted but my Nero ASPI installation is working properly. If this is important, please tell me how to fix my System ASPI installation.

I promise to give you quick feedback on any tips I will receive.


You might try going to the Adaptec site and getting the XP ASPI installer.

After I posted my question, I did that and installed the ASPI drivers with the forceaspi17 program. I also burned my iso image with DVD Decrypter to try something new. Unfortunately, the result is the same… I will now recreate my iso image (in case that’s where the problem is).

Thanks for your help.

ArsenoLupino > I’d like to know what you use for software. Stereo > 5.1 > DVD Audio

Hey Arseno… You can use this tool to verify your ASPI is working good.


You can use this site to get an ASPI Layer 4.60

Or this site to get ASPI.


There are several methods to convert a stereo file into 5.1. You can get a lot of information in the forum on www.dtsac3.com. Once you have generated the 6 mono files, you encode them into a DVD-A with discWelder or with Wavelab.



I ran aspichk.exe and my ASPI is fully functional and operational.


Just to update you on my last troubleshooting steps…

After confirming that my ASPI drivers were functional, I created a new image with DiscWelder and burned it to DVD-RW and DVD+RW media. Same negative results. I then installed the burner internally in another computer and burned two samples with DVD Decrypter: same results. I am now trying to create a DVD-A image with Wavelab instead of DiscWelder.

Same problem when I burn the iso image created with Wavelab instead of discWelder…

Do you have the drive set to DMA? Get Neros 30 day trial version and try that.


My hard drive is set to DMA. I have used Nero, DVD Decrypter and discWelder to burn the dvd’s: same problem with all. I have also installed the new burner in different computers: same problem. I have come to the conclusion that the only burner I know that can burn dvd’s that will play in my car audio system is the HP 300i. It is not the fastest burner, but it works for me (I have burned close to a hundred dvd+r’s that play perfectly) and that’s what counts. The store does not carry them anomore, so they authorized me to get one on the internet and they will reimburse me when I return the last one they gave me.


Just an FYI for you. As you can see by my signature, you can see what I’m running. If your going on line to find a 300i, keep this in mind. This is what was claimed to be in two HP’s that I have. When I went to change them out to my NEC’s, they are actually Phillips DVD8301/44. DVD+R/+RW drive. As for it being the only player to burn a playable disk for your car, I find this very hard to believe. I don’t think HP has anything different in their builds of burners, or I should say Phillips, than anyone else does. I’d say the burner or burners you’ve gotten are toast. Just food for thought for you.

Good Luck


I find it very hard to believe also. But I’ve run out of ideas to fix this problem. I have tried a Plextor 712, an HP 630i, a Benq EW822U and now an LG GSA-4160B. I have installed them in two different computers. The dvd+r’s I burned with the HP 300i still play perfectly well, so the player is not defective. At this point, what other conclusion could I possibly reach? I only hope the 300i that I ordered comes through.