Homegroups and IPV6



I notice lately that when my desktop creates a homegroup that my laptop with win7 as well can find and see the desktop computer but is unable to login with the homegroup password? Do I need to get a crossover cable to make this work? I have a netgear dsl router connecting the network together. The laptop is hard wired currently right now cause the intel wifi doesn’t work with my netgear but will work everywhere else. So has anyone figure why this problem exists?


Make sure the workgroup/homegroup have the same name, and in win7 give the necessary permission for access.


[QUOTE=petremure;2533628]Make sure the workgroup/homegroup have the same name, and in win7 give the necessary permission for access.[/QUOTE]

That is something I did but still no go and logged in as Admin as well…I remove ZA and still nothing it won’t connect. I can see the other computer but it won’t connect with the password. So I will have to do some more book and online research into this homegroup thing and contact ZA and Avira to see if those programs are somehow blocking the network access. Little frustrating when I thought I wouldn’t have to be at one computer to access another HDD to watch movies…and move files… :confused:


Well I got it solved…took some time for trial and error wasn’t a big deal but man it took some investigation and reading…wow… reading … alot of books on win7 homegroup settings. Guess, what I found that ZA pro has a feature to block IVP6 settings by default. Once I check the box and restart it found all the shared drives and homegroup after I inputted the password and now I can watch movies that are stored on one computer on another without having to be at the same computer. I was like wow I am smart now…not!..just found out by mistake when looking at the ZA pro firewall setting and saw the IVP6 box just by chance. I was last resort contact ZA about the IVP6 problem but found it ahead of time. So to any ZA users check to see if your IVP6 box is checked so you can use Homegroups in Win7. This I found to be the least confusing networking of computer so far and it’s fairly straight forward and now I can’t see how I can’t live without it.