Home video dvd reporting as blank disc




I have been trying to tackle this problem for 2 days.

I recorded around 20 minutes of video using a sony handycam DCR-DVD505 straight to mini-dvd. in the middle of recording the camera displayed “cannot recover disc data” on the view finder, and the camera shut off. I checked the disc inside and reseated it. then turned the camera back on. It acted like I just inserted a blank disc. But there is precisely 5/8" of “shaded” area burned onto the disc…and i also was able to play the video back on the camera before this happened so i know it recorded.

i have been attempting to use cd roller to recover what is on the disc, but it won’t let me see the VOB files. And windows just keeps reporting that it is a blank disc.

Does anybody have a solution to this? I absolutely have to get this video off, as it is extremely important to my wife.

thank you to any expert that can help me out!


You can try ISOBuster - a pretty good utility for getting stuff off a disc that’s corrupted in some way.


Yeah…a couple of hours after I posted the original request I tried ISOBUSTER and it reported the disc as blank as well…


FYI - after 3 days work i was able to get the entire vob file off the disc. CD-Roller support was awesome…sent me 3 custom versions written specifically for my problem and were very informative/helpful throughout the ordeal. I highly recommend you go buy a copy of this just for the level support you will receive if you have a disc you can’t read…well worth $30!


Thanks for getting back with your solution and good to know about CD-Roller support :flower: . Sounds great :iagree: