Home Theatre with HDMI

My DVD player for my Home Theatre in a Box won’t play my copied DVDs. My originals play perfectly. I use the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I purchased them as a package and have used them perfectly fine for over a year and keep them updated. All these copied dvds work fine on my older DVD players.

The Home Theater In a Box has HDMI outputs that I would like to use. I’ve tried the component outputs as well to no avail.

Previous system that worked was component outputs from DVD player to TV. I would record onto single-layer DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs. I would copy just the movie and English audio tracks and subtitles.

I am willing to copy onto Dual-Layer DVDs if needed. Will this fix my problem? What settings should I have AnyDVD on? What settings should I have CloneDVD on? Thanks for the help, as I love the 1000 Watt Home Theater in a box. I would hate to have to return it.

What’s the brand of your home theatre in a Box?

What brand of media are you using?

Sometimes DvD players can be picky.

If you are using +R media are you booktyping it to DvD-Rom?

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It’s a Samsung. I started burning to dual layered discs and they work great now. Verbatim DVD+R DL are great.