Home Theater Setup Question

I have an Onkyo receiver, Sony KDS 60a3000 tv, and a Ps3. My question is about the setup. Unfortunately the receiver does not have hdmi inputs/outputs. Would i be better off running hdmi from my cable box, and ps3 to the tv and component/optical out to the receiver, or component/optical from my sources to the receiver, and then component/optical out to the tv. Which one would give better picture quality? Which would give better sound quality? What are the main pros of running through the receiver first?

I would go with HDMI to the TV and optical or coax to your reciver depending on how many optica/coax inputs the receiver has. Then just select the audio input source on your receiver. Component will drop your PS3 input to 1080i and the AVR may drop it to 720P, depending on your Onkyo specs.

If your cable box is like mine it has both HDMI (or DVI) [I][B]and[/B][/I] optical outputs. I run the [B]HDMI to the TV[/B] (actually thru a 3x HDMI switcher box along with my DVD players) and the [B]optical cable to the receiver[/B]. Sometimes I don’t want the Home Theater on so I still have sound from the TV speakers and when I do want the full sound, just turn on the receiver.