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Was looking around the internet this morning trying to find a good start point to manually set up my equalizer vs the Audyssey auto setup and stumbled across this article on THX certification and what it means. It’s a lenghty and in depth article but also very informative. The author doesn’t seem to be pro THX and says many AVR’s and speakers not THX certified are just as good or better. My sound is OK but I want to tweak to get the best sound and I was thinking my main/front speakers were not full band (Lower -3dB limit 30Hz) to 40KHz and maybe that was my issue (bigger is better right?) Part 3 of this article (under Main/Front Channel Speakers) suggests you don’t want full band speakers in a multi channel set up. Anyways all that aside it’s a good read and will give you a better idea of what to look for when you are out shopping for new audio stuff. As always it’s just one persons take, although he does seem well versed in this area.

Yo Greg-

Thank you for finding and posting this easy to read - logical - article on THX-eh

The THX Sound System was created to complement advances made by Dolby Laboratories to provide a more accurate method of sound production; one which is much closer to what filmmakers heard when they created a the motion picture soundtrack. While Dolby concentrated on recording sound on film and capturing it back off the film with a new level of clarity never before available, THX concentrated on the “B” chain of the theatre sound system ( i.e., power amplifiers,Loudspeakers and their local acoustical environment, and the global acoustical environment of the room). Thus THX represents a set of specifications which define the performance of a theatre sound system to accurately reproduce the dramatically improved level of sound quality developed by Dolby.