Home theater and Audigy 1?


i have Audigy 1 platinum sound card and also a very expensive sound system.

i want to watch my movie and listen to them from my audigy 1 .

so i use the optical cable and connect the cable to my Yamaha DTS amplifier.

the problem is i can’t get a dolby digital sound signal !!!

there is only a normal sound and it’s pro logic only !!

but when i run the movie from my standalon DVD-Player the amp show me that the signal is Digital !!!

so what is the problem ??

i use the Power DVD and WinDVD latest version and tried all the audio setting and SPDIF things … with no luck !!

is this cause the audigy is an analog card not like the dvd-players ??

if i get the Audigy 2 can this card slove my problem ??

check here

they say :

( DVD-Audio output is only available using the Analog outputs; Digital output is disabled during playback because of copy protection schemes that had to be supported )

is this my problem also in DVD-Movie with my Audigy 1 ??

what is the advantage with having optical output and it’s digital like the home DVD-players ??

i hope some one can tel me what is going on …

thanks… :confused: :confused: :confused:

well, i can tell you the advantage of having optical output/input is that you can have 5.1 / 6.1 / 7.1 digital surround with it.

sorry i was mean :

what is the advantage with having optical output and it’s NOT digital like the home DVD-players ??

ok ckin2001 …

should i install the software that come with my sound card so i can get the DIGITAL 5.1 from optical cable ??

  1. Optical output is digital. Using optical output eliminates noise, easier to hook-up, and carries more data than analog.

  2. You mean you didn’t install the software for 5.1 output in the first place?:confused: Install it.

what is the software that i need for DIGITAL 5.1 from optical cable ??

cause i don’t like to install these Creative programs.

i only install the sound card driver from the device manager cause i hate these creative programs in the toolbars.

thanks…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

my audigy 1 does the exact same thing! It has been doing this since I bought it and I cannot figure out why… tested under Win2k and WinXP. This was not the case for my Live! card,

i just fixed mine… check your PM for how I did it…