Home servers

I’m trying to setup systems at my home. I would like to be able to store all my audio, video, photo and data on a home server. I would like to be able to copy/download any audio, video directly from my satellite system or laptop or cd/dvd and have it all reside on the server. Then I’d like to use my server like a jke box and access content to my laptop or tv from wherever I am. How do I begin to do that?

Hope you don’t mind asking, but since what you want to acheive is not simple to set up, would you mind my inquiring what server based skills or experience you have, so that we can better make suggestions for you based on simplicity of software or hardware to recommend as possible solutions to fulfill such needs. :slight_smile:

Ihave just basic computer skills. I’ve looked at the HP Home server that uses Windows Media Server. I have Dish Network, AT&T DSL(WiFi) and Toshiba Laptop. I’ve tried to understand what SlingBox can do. I’m trying to get al this accomplished in one system ie a home based server that has the software and hardware to provide these uses and then accessing it with my home computer or laptop no matter where I may be located.

Basically what you need to do is build a /preferrably low power/ pc and run a version of windows server on it. If you build the computer, select a MB with onboard video, the quality of the video is not important. If you decide on intel, then the e2140 is a perfect little cpu for the job. If your an AMD fan, then the 3600+ brisbane is a great solution too. You should do some internet searching on how to configure Windows Server, and the different versions.

There is also Linux server software.

Get a NAS, Synology or Zyxel makes good ones and are easy to admin.