Home PI/PIF scanning - Who to believe?

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To assist our members in contributing information, we would like to give them some guidance in the choice of drives for assessing the quality of their recordable DVD discs. Hence, in this article, we will attempt to compare the reading abilities of some of the most popular DVD drives which are used on our forums for Disc Quality Scanning.

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Very Nice! Cdfreaks rulez:X I will post it, in some fé³rums at my country…:S Mordorr

Woh, a very insightful review which contains very useful facts to take into account when testing my burnt discs Thanks Cdfreaks :wink:
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You guys have way too much free time…

Thanks a lot for the informative explanation. There’s appears to be a lot more to interpreting media scan results than simply basing it off a Nero quality score percentage. I used to think that this stuff was a waste of time but I now realize that you are teaching those what to look for when backing-up data and video. These results do indeed make a difference when considering an important decision as to what media to select or media/burner combo to use when having to back-up critical data. Not all media is equal and that is something important to remember when trying to back-up your irreplaceable memories such as weddings! A million thanks guys and keep it up!

This is all Greek to me, and I don’t know what all these scan results mean. Last week I bought a spindle of a 100, that were on special for $19.99 at Office Max. (Verbatim DVD-R 16X branded MCC03RG20 Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) They seem to work fine. I was thinking of getting another spindle before the sale ends. (On the 27th) This chart seems to show that they’re suppose to be first class quality. http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm So do these scans results show that they’re first class DVD-R’s, or do they belong more in the second class group?