Home on the range

hi all, i’ve had success with nero , dvd shrink with everything i have ever tried. Home on the range cannot be done on these progs, any suggestions??? :bow:

May have the new bad sector protection. Try ripping it first with DVD Decrypter, then use Shrink and Nero.

thanks rippin now… ill let u kno, new bad sector protection? whoooo scary whats that then?

Another waste of time and money by the Movie Industry to thwart people making backups. It still amuzes me that Sony’s big and bad arccos protection which was supposed to be impossible to get around, took less than 3 weeks to crack and it was done with a freeware app. :wink:

cheers Pollushon and Jesterrace that did the job perfectly…

You should be able to bypass the latest “safeguard tool” if you download the current version DVD Decrypter or AnyDVD. With AnyDVD and Shrink, you don’t have to rip the movie to the hard drive BEFORE re-shrinking/re-authoring the movie. Just launch AnyDVD, run Shrink as usual, then burn with Nero.