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Hi All,
I used to be a member here for a while, lost my user and pass and email, so I create a new account.

Neways. I have setup a home wireless network on my windows xp home edition desktop pc. I set a network name, a hex key for access and I have the windows firewall on by default with default settings. I have black ice installed, but I don’t think it really does anything at all…

Right now, my problem is that once a computer connects to my network, they have to have the “key” which is 26 digits that I use. This is good, but they have FULL access to ALL files that are being shared on the network. I want it so I can give the key out to my buddies when they come over for a lan match, they can use the INTERNET but NOT see or access my files without permission or a user name and password.

How would I go about doing this. I have my main computer, the desktop, and I also have a laptop, I want these two computers to be able to COMPLETELY access each other’s files, if there is a way to synchronize certain folders, that would be even better, and then I have my family’s laptop which they need access to the INTERNET but NOT my files on MY laptop or MY desktop.

If my desktop and my laptop can have ONE WAY access to their laptop, it would be sweet.

Thanks for your replies in advance.

Next, the SAME laptop that I personally have which can access my desktop computer files, needs to be able to connect to my pc from a REMOTE connection, I have tried setting up a VPN to do this, but I am unaware of how this works. I will be connecting from school, my university which has high speed wireless network, and I want to be able to see my files at school which are located on my desktop at home. I do NOT want anyone at SCHOOL to be able to see my files at home or on my laptop while I am connected via VPN, and what can the school “log” as far as connections. Can they see if I transfer files or enter passwords, usernames? What all information can they intercept and is there a way to encrypt it LOCALLY on my computer before it goes across the internet and to my computer where it will decrypt LOCALLY on that computer, using some kind of password or something that I set.

I appreciate ALL help anyone can give me, right now my network is like wide open I am afraid, and if I give my network “key” that I set in my wireless router (the 26 digit-letter hex string), then ANY computer can view ALL files on ALL the stuff I have shared, meaning my family’s laptop right now can see ALL my files which I REALLY do not want.

Johnny C


do you have simple file sharing enabled? how are you sharing the files? you can set a password on certain folders to keep people out…

i dont remember how i set mine up - it doesnt seem to be simple file sharing, as i can set individual permissions for each user group. all i have to do to change it now is right click the folder -> properties, and then the sharing/security tabs that appear.


oh ok, how do you setup users and groups? I asked on another forum and I got a declining answer like I MUST have windows xp PROFESSIONAL edition? is this true? I have home edition sp2 all around :frowning:

If I SETUP a user in the control panel, add user, would I have to select a user at start up and type a password (if I didn’t make it save the password)? R

Right now I have it boot ALL THE WAY into windows xp at start up, I have daily tasks and what not, I don’t want to have to click on a user before it gets into the windows if you know what i mean.

When the power goes out, which it does VERY frequently, my computer is set to REBOOT automatically, meaning it stays online 24/7, and if it reboots in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping, then the pc won’t be online until I get on to click the user and then it’s on. One simple click is so difficult :frowning:




Well home edition doesn’t support setting permissions for files and folders but i think you should be able to select what will be shared. Right click a folder and select properties and there should be a share tab or something similar.

And you can setup the computer to autologon with a password this is easily done in tweak Ui.