Home network. Router,hub or switch?

I have a pc and a notebook and i share internet with a crossover cable rj 45.
If i buy another pc what is the cheapest and easy way to make my home network, so i can share internet with my cable modem.
I’ve already use the search but i can’t find answer and i don’t know the diference of using a router a hub or switch.
Can anyone tell me where to find an article about that so i can learn. :confused:

I’m not 100% sure on this but a router is for connecting pcs to a dsl/cable modem and each other and a hub is for connect pcs to each other only. A switch, I dunno.

I personally dont use any of this, but a lot of my friends use routers. They are usually used to not only share a broadband connection between pcs (or notebook) but also create a lan between them.

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Btw, here I just did a quick search with google and found these.

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I’m sure these links will answer your questions, but just in case…

…here’s the search query I used

DSL/Cable routers are for straight up broadband sharing w/o the hassle of configuring each individual PC, it’s simple plug and surf. Hubs and switches are about the same when transfering small packets. But switches excel at transfering large files between PCs because it includes a chip which directs tranffic so you don’t get bottlenecking like hubs. Both hubs and switches are for sharing files and printer. If you just want to share the broadband, get a cheap Linksys 4 port dsl/cable router (has a built-in switch, but does take a bit to configure for file sharing). If you want to share both broadband and file, use one PC (slow one) as the gateway, put 2 NICs in it, connect the broadband modem to NIC1, and connect a switch/hub (switch is recommanded) to NIC2. Check out this guide @ Tweaktown if you choose the latter option.