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I have a stupid question, well, it’s dumb really. I tried to impress the family with a home network (3 PCs - 2 x Win98SE & 1 x XP Pro) and I have some peculiar problems…any help from networking gurus appreciated!

3 x NIC Cards from Belkin (actually they are a Macronix MX98175) & an Accton 8 port Hub; correct cables. My Win98 SE PIII is the host.

To cut to the chase, I know everything is sort of connected OK. The host has all the TCP/IP thingies with binding & all that stuff. I have shared folders on each PC and can see all of them in varying combinations!? Lets call the PCs “Dad”, “Joshua” & “Laura”. All subnet masks are Workgroup is “Home”; PCs are all named uniquely.

Dad: Win98SE, IP,
Joshua: Win98SE, IP, Gateway:; DNS: Host is “Dad”
Laura: XP Pro, IP, Gateway:; DNS:


Dad can see all 3 PCs in Network Neighborhood but can’t access Laura
Joshua can see all 3 PCs in Network Neighborhood and CAN access everyone
Laura can access Joshua & Laura PCs in Network Neighborhood but can’t see or access Dad.

Dad can only ping (local host)!? but can access Joshua’s shares!
Joshua can ping Laura &
Laura can ping, Joshua but not Dad

What have I done wrong or missed?

Need more info? Just ask!

Alsmost sounds like a logiquiz :wink:

But what I couldn’t see is what software you are using to share the internet connection with. Internet Sharing within Windows works great…if it works at all, but if you can’t get it to work instantly, it will be very hard to get it working at all.

Perhaps you are already using proxy software (please say which if you are), but if you don’t, you should try it. It will make things (generally speaking) a whole lot easier.

It is not my specialty, but you could try to search in this forum on WinGate and see what pops up (I know a lot of programs and network issues will pop up, perhaps that way you can find what works best for your situation)