Home music centre does not read media

Hello, i have many many burnt cds and have never had a problem yet making my own music cds and them playing on home music centres. But for some reason it does not seem to be working anymore.

I copied some music to disc as i do always, and all went well but when i put it into my music home centre it would not read any media on the disk.

I checked with other stero’s and they would not see any media either.

So i tried 3 different times of software to record to disk using Nero then i used WMP then i used Real player and all of them copied anf finallised the discs but none will work in anything but my computer.

So i am stummped as to why this has happened.

Over 2 years and no problems till know doing this.

I have windows XP pro if that information is any good.

I have 2 cd/rws and they both work fine.

Also the disks i used are fine they are the same ones i have used many times same brand and such. i used about 3 different types of makes and it is the same with all of them, all burn great and are read on the pc but not in the home music centre(s).

Thanx in advance for any help.