Home MP3 Jukebox with 20GB HD

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Whether you own CDs, MP3s, LPs, or Cassettes, with AudioReQuest’s wide variety of inputs, you can organize thousands of songs taken from your entire music collection and…

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This looks pretty mothafuckin’ sweet! :stuck_out_tongue:

My dreams come true!!
But a little too expencive for me now…

It is cheaper to buy the cd player witch can read mp3s in cdr! One cd cost 1 dollar and you can store about 11 hour mp3 music! If you buy 10 cd you will get 110 hour music with only 10 dollars! So buy cd player it is cheaper and still good!

Way to expensive…going for the cd-player too = 350$
But I’m sure when there’s more more companies that will produce them the price will be as low as the cd-player…I’m waiting.

bijna 2000 piek??? For the same amount of money you get an 866 Mhz Pentium with a 30GB HDD at The Media Markt (Germany). Everything about computers is much cheaper in Germany. I live close to it, so I get all my PC shit in ‘Das Reich’. A really good and cheap store is “Die Computer Cash und Carry” 25 CDRs for DM 21,-($10) And how about a 1Ghz AMD for DM 729,-($350)?
Sounds cheap huh?

i’m going for the p4 1.5 Ghz next month…and yes media markt rulez… but the cd’s there suck, like those shitty siemens cdr’s.

  1. the music is not portable

  2. the cost is stupidly high

  3. why the hell do we have to find an alternative to the process of downloading songs and then burning them to an ultra portable, ultra cheap, ultra you already have the technology…

oh yeh i mean a cd

well ikke-cds…Yeah…a P4 1.5 GHz…and…where are you gonna put it on ? eh ?? you gonna make a mainboard yourself ?? there will be no stable boards for the P4 in the next year !!! till then its the suckie P3 with the even more suckier 815i set or an AMD (wich is in my opinion better then a P3)

The world’s cheapest CDR media is in Taiwan. Some CDRs are only 6 pcs for 1 US dollar. And some CDRW discs are only 2 pcs for 1 US dollar.

Exactly … Some people have money to burn … i have my own mp3 juke box … its called a computer with a sb live value and a set of kilpsch pro media v2.400’s and an assortment of over 73 mp3 cds

If you are really really cheap, you chould use a reagular playstation (that has an io port) and buy a unit for 40 US dollars that allows you to play mp3 cds in the unit … its much cheaper … its portable … can be hooked up to a tv to view your “collection” and hooked up to a stereo to listen to it…


You guys have seen www.carplayer.com and www.mp3car.com right? They both feature portable cd players that read MP3 files as well as in-dash and portable HDD MP3 units.