Home movies with pinnacle

I have been using pinnacle to transfer digital 8 home movies to dvd. I would like to make a few compilation dvds using the burned dvds as the source. I thought it would be quicker than trying to find the scenes on the tape. But I cant access the burned dvds to select a single recorded scene. Is there a way to do this?
Also the “jump to next scene” button doesn’t work on the dvds only the fast forward what am I doing wrong? Thanks for helping a “newbe”.

First, what version of pinnacle are your using?
Second, pinnacle is not a good mpeg editor (which is what your dvd’s are). Got to www.videohelp.com, and check out the tools section and look for MPEG editor. Your only other option is to demux or convert your dvd’s into DV-AVI, or AVI format and then edit them.

I’m using pinnacle 6. Is there better software to put digital 8 onto dvd?

If the Pinnacle 6 software is working for you and giving you acceptable results, then it is fine. But to work DVD’s which you have already authored, you will need to find software to edit mpeg format, or, demux to vob files and find a software which will edit vob’s, or if you are doing extensive editing, it would be best to go back to the source .avi files, and build your project there. Going back to .avi format is how I would do it. It really doesn’t take long to cut out clips, save them, and when done, bring them all together and burn one dvd.