Home movies on VHS are NOT protected so why

Hello all. I just purchased (on ebay) a LVW-5007 Lite-on recorder and it seems to be in store bought condition. After setting the player up, I decided to record my home VHS movies (that is the main reason for the purchase) to DVD. It didn’t take me very long to figure out the menu and so I proceded with the recording. It was recording fine for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden a message came up at the top of the screen. It said "PROTECTED CONTENT’ and the player stopped the recording. This happened each time I tried to record. I tried recording with another VHS tape and the same thing happened with it. How can this be? Why is my new LVW-5007 Lite-on recorder thinking that these tapes are protected? I also tried recording from a tv show and it seemed to work perfectly for quite a while. If anyone has had this problem, could you please tell me what I can do to solve this problem? TIA :sad:

I would imagine that the tapes have Macrovision on them. Only a guess though.

If that were the case then I’m assuming they wouldn’t record from the very beginning?

To me it seems like the tape may either be worn or quite old and that interference or distortion may be triggering the Lite-On to detect the picture as containing copy-protection signalling. An example of such interference could be a buch of lines fluttering through the picture or a wobbly picture for a brief moment.

Just in case it is a bug with the Lite-On firmware, I would recommend at least upgrading the firmware if you have not done so already.

If you have another VCR handy or know someone who has a VCR, you could always try a different VCR, just in case your VCR is triggering the Lite-On to falsely detect the source as copy-protected.

Another option if you are willing to spend a little extra is to obtain a video conditioner. A video conditioner basically re-renders the image by taking the existing image and redoing the signalling between the frames and scanlines. This ensures that a malformed image or an image containing wavy lines will not affect the destination VCR from capturing the image. Unfortunately, as Macrovision is an example of something that deliberately interferes with the image signalling (between each scanline and frame), video conditioners have been taken off the market in some places as these were seen as a way to deliberately encourage piracy.

If you have tried different VCRs, the latest firmware or cannot (or don’t intend to) get a video conditioner, you could try using patched firmware at your own risk. Just bewarned that the use of unofficial firmware will likely invalidate any warranty and could potentially harm the recorder.

Finally, just make sure there is no copy-protection on your source tapes. I have encountered a few movies on VHS that were copy-protected despite no mention on the case itself. A simple way to check this is to try and record one of the tapes giving bother onto a 2nd VCR and then play back the recording on the 2nd VCR to see if it recorded fine. If the recording turns out wavy or the picture contrast and brightness starts fluttering, then the source tape is using some sort of copy-protection.

From my experience, my Lite-On LVW-5045 will actually prevent a recording even taking place if the source is copy-protected (such as a DVD), however if I start the recording before I press play on the DVD player, the recording will stop within a few seconds.

Thanks so much for your answers to my problem. Yes…the tapes are quite old (18 years in some instances) and have thought about that being a problem. I’ve also been told that I need to make my recorder “region free” but have not had any input on how I can do that. I did upgrade the firmware which seemed to render my player useless (none of the commands on the remote would work) but after playing with it for a few hours I seem to have everything back except for the TV Guide. The troubleshoot section in the manual says that incase of a power surge the TV Guide may disappear and will not reappear for 24 hours. 24 hours have not yet passed so I don’t know the outcome to that yet. Also…I do have a DVS (digital video stabalizer) box that I purchased many years ago for copying movies that I can try. I’ll let you know how it works out. Thanks again for all of your help.

So far the DVS is working. 15 minutes of recording and counting. Thanks again!!

If you want “region free”, do this:

1 - Go to the Setup menu.
2 - Highlight the exit icon - But don’t press enter
3 - Type in 2960.
4 - Select your region
When you do a firmware upgrade, it’s probably best to set it back to your original region, than after just do the code again

You can also amend the recorder to ignore copy protection which may also help you out, goes without saying that this should not be used to make copies for commercial gain of DVDs.

Search this forum or have a look at www.liteonusers.org.uk in the 500x FAQ section there are details on backing up your VHS collection to DVD.

HelloShaun is referring to the ILO HACKER program which removes macrovision protection recognition on the 5XXX’s it is here in this forum as well as instructions to remove it manually. It’s all right here in the LVW-XXXX hints and tips, and no need to go to the UK site

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You can try a Video Stabilizer to see if it helps. I use one most of the times with VHS tapes. You can find them on line for as little as $20

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