Home movie won't start on player

I’ve burned a few DVD’s but this is my first experience with burning my own video clips. I started with 6 avi’s that average 300MB each. I used some software that came with my DV camcorder called arcsoft videoimpression to apply transitions between the avi’s and generated a singe 16x9 avi.

I used TEMPGenc 2.5 Plus to split the avi to an mv2 and a wav.

I used IFOEdit to convert the avi and wav to VOB’s

I took the output of IFOEdit (the video BUP, the VTS BUP, the IFO, and the 2 VOB’s) and burned them with burnatonce.

I don’t want any menus. I just want it to play when I stick it in the DVD player.

I can play it on the computer using PowerDVD. It works great.

It won’t read on a new model DVD player. Other DVD’s I’ve created (using MyDVD) work great. I was hoping to avoid using MyDVD since my version will not support 16x9

Maybe if I shrink it before I burn it? It doesn’t need to be compressed. I’m not even close to filling up the dvd.

I just processed the output of ifoedit with dvd shrink and then burned that output with burnatonce. The player read the first couple of seconds and then hung. Is this progress? Do I need to fiddle with something in ifoedit to have it start immediately?