Home movie SVHS tapes to DVD

I’ve got a lot of home movies of my kids on svhs tapes and I want to transfer them to dvd. I already have a svhs deck and an old Magnovox svhs camcorder & all still work great. I need to know what kind of a desk top dvd recorder to get to do this. I don’t need a combo unit because the ones that will do svhs to dvd cost mucho.
I’ve looked at some dvd recorders at Sams (and combos) & most have svhs inputs but will any of these work and still make good quality transfers?
I can still go with using Pennacle stud.10 (only video edit program I have) but this would take forever.
I even have the option of passing the signal through my dv camcorder to convert to a digital.
I want a unit that can record as mentioned above and also use as a player. I’m sure this topic has been covered before & I love to read all the posts & replies but I could go crazy looking for help. thanks in advance