Home made external enclosure



First, sorry about my english :wink:

Hello, I’m from Austria and I hope some of you can help me to answer a few questions. I own a Plextor PX-760 IDE drive. I want to use it with my notebook but as an eSATA device and not as a USB device. AFAIK there are no external enclosures with IDE -> eSATA available and for this reason i made the decision to build my own. I’m using an ABIT IDE to SATA converter and a SATA to eSATA cable. My notebook is equipped with a Silicon Image 3112 eSATA express card. All this components are working fine together.

The problem is the power consumption of PX-760. The drive consumes 12V 2.4A and 5V 1.7A. The only external power supply I own is part of my external hard drive and the specification of it is 12V 2A and 5V 2A. I tried it with my PX-760 and at the moment it is working fine (voltages are always between 12,2V and 12,6V) but I’m a little worried to damage the drive using it this way. Should I try to get a more powerful external power supply? Is some of you owning a PX-760 in an external enclosure, how powerful is the power supply? Where could I get a more powerful one?


For my external Plextor UF drives, the power adapter is the following:

Model: SQN36W12P-01

Output: 12V === 3A

Here’s one I found on eBay in the United States:


The seller will ship it to Austria for $27 USD.

Another model that will work is the SQ36W12P-03. There are lots of those on eBay in the states.


There are no 5V available on these models. Maybe your enclosure is transforming 12V to 5V but I need a power adapter with both 12V and 5V.