Home made dvd

I have a home made dvd which was done using a cam and then encoded to dvd,exploring the cd it was no audio_ts folder, I don’t know how it was encoded. The problem is that the dvd will not play on her player (xms 350) but will on others and would like to be able to view the dvd even if I have to reencode the movie. The player has been able to play other title that I have burn’t for her e.g divx to dvd and clonedvd ripping and using the same dvd-r . I tried using clonedvd and inserting a audio_ts folder.But no luck.Please help Thank you

Try this

disable AnyDVD and do a full DVD Copy using Clone DVD
if it doesn’t help try movie only with Clone DVD

the audio_ts folder is an empty folder.
You can create it yourself and then burn it.

some standalone players seem to check the excistance of the folder and don’t play disk if it isn ot there

sorry…you did already try the above

Demux and reauthor.