Home made dvd out of sync

:confused: Hello and good evening to all.

I just like to say that I have found some excellent info on this site and I am hoping someone can help me now.

Excuse me if I start to waffle with this but I am trying to convey all the info so I can get the right advice.

I made a DVD of my daughters birth and my sons birthday in the normal way(from camcorder to hard drive then made dvd on nero) and this ONE time I didnt bother to check the DVD straight away for any errors (so I used the DV tape again) and deleted the AVI or WMV (I cant remember which) that was used to make the DVD.

Anyway, Of all the most precious DVDs I could have ruined I now have a DVD that is out of sync and skips like God knows what!

I can only reckon that it must have skipped when I tranferred from camcorder to hard drive so I was probably doomed from the start but I know the DV tape is ok as I have of course used it.

So the bottom line is; can I fix this DVD copy of mine or is there no hope.

As you can all imagine I am pretty gutted it has happened and now…I ALWAYS check my new copies.

Thanks to all who can give me any advice.

Kind regards

Stewart :bow:

Did you capture to your HD as DV-avi, or as MPEG. When you captured the file, did you play it on the pc to see if it was in-sync. You can visit www.videohelp.com, and they have tools for demuxing burned dvd files back into an editable format, and there are audio tools which will allow you to adjust the timing of the audio/video. You should still have your original avi file on your HD if you captured it that way, or some sort of saved project file prior to your burning. It sounds to me like you have your audio format incorrect.


Thanks for your reply,

I think it was avi onto HD but I have deleted it. I know big mistake!

All I have left is this terrible DVD copy.

I have used womble mpeg video wizard before for resynching audio and video but my other problem is the jumping or skipping if you like of the film.

Would you still say I should try the link you suggested?

Thanks again

You could also use a program like easyrecovery or finaldata to try and recover the files from the hardrive. The only problem being is if you keep using the hardrive you could use the space and not be able to recover the files.

You can try this to sort out the audio sync problem:

  1. Rip the MPEG2 file from DVD to HDD using DVD Decrypter in ‘File Mode’ with ‘File Splitting’ set to ‘None’. Change .vob file extension to .mpg

  2. Download Project X (already compiled; 27 MB) from here, and run the single ripped MPEG2 file through it.

  3. Multiplex the resulting m2v and mpa files back together using ImagoMPEG-Muxer, then import back into MPEG Video Wizard.