Home-made DVD copy protections?

I need to develop my own copy protections for a friend’s DVD production. Until now I’ve considered several more or less meaningless measures:

  • Hide files
  • Write a Windows-only Autorun process that terminates known burning programs, or prevents them (and Windows Explorer) from copying files off the disc [which is easy to circumvent and may not be legal in some jurisdictions, so this might be a no-no]

Both options above are relatively cheap. But what about these:

  • Use the region limitation options offered by DVD Shrink (I haven’t tested these and don’t know whether this function is useful at all… does this actually infringe others’ copyrights on CSS?)
  • Overburning (only BenQ and Plextor can do this, and both brands went off the stage not long ago)

What about creating my own fake TOC? Is it easy to achieve? Could some software modify the ISOs accordingly, and how do I burn an ISO with a fake TOC?

Please inform me if any of these measures is considered illegal, because I want to do it in a fully legal way.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

After some discussion my friend and me agreed on using no other copy protection than overburning with BenQ. Especially not software that I would not like to have on my own system as well. There’s always a way to copy…

So this thread can be closed :slight_smile: