Home Invasion on Nanny Cam



This is about 20 miles from my home.


That’s terrible, I hope they catch that guy.



Some like this person is a waste of human flesh and isn’t worth the air they breathe.


I do not want to start a gun debate but it is a same in this case she did not have gun like this one to use


Or maybe two


[QUOTE=samlar;2691304]Or maybe two[/QUOTE]
That picture only serves to promote gun stupidity. YOU NEVER PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO SHOOT!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


I think she was going to shoot a peeping tom


I hope he gets caught and ends up in jail and general population finds out why he there.

Then he will get what he deserves


Geez… and people called me paranoid for keeping an M1911 in 38 Super Auto (Loaded with Winchester Silver Tips) under the sofa cushions.

I grew up not 10 miles from there in Glen Ridge, NJ

For some odd reason every house on my block was burglarized at least once
except mine… until I moved out… I always figured it was because of what I put out in the trash…

Only Rarely did I not have half a garbage pail of fired 12ga shotshell hulls
out on the curb…

I shot Trap & Skeet competitively and I was only throwing away the hulls
that were worn & cracked so that they were no longer suitable for reloading.

But just the sight of that many 12ga shells sent a powerful message.


And I still live in Deal NJ, a bit further south of Millburn but close enough. Millburn is an affluent community near South Orange , that’s probably why he picked that area. Horrid, just horrid.


That guy is a predator…should be tracked down and immobilized…:Z


Suspect Arrested in Attack on Mom Caught on Nanny Cam