Home DVD Player to play burned DL discs?

I burn a fair amount of DL DVD discs but my current home DVD player, a Philips DVP642, doesn’t “like” them. For example, when I pause a DVD to do something, then come back later to resume from pause, the Philips keeps on searching over and over until it finally ends in a disc error–it doesn’t pick up the movie from where it left off. I’ve tried two different firmwares with the DVP642 with the same results. It only does this with burned DL discs. Single layer discs present no problem.

When I play the DL discs on my BenQ there’s absolutely no problems. I’ve also played them on my old NEC 3520 with no prob. The discs check out fine with CD-DVD Speed, with PI errors and Jitter in the green range.

So I’m wondering, can anyone recommend a good home DVD player for playing burned DL discs?. I’m looking at the Pioneer DV-490V-S but don’t have first hand knowledge of it. I live in the boonies so I don’t have a Best Buy, Circuit City, or any other electronics stores like that around; only a Walmart, Kmart, and such. So I’d be looking to mail order.


what media are you using?


Just change your media.
I believe you are using cheap Ritec/Ridata media.—> Just simply crappy for any player/burner.
Just switch it to Verbatim DL media.
I have DVP 642 also and never had any problem with burned Verbatim DL.
Playback is flawless. Never had any single problem.

Yup! :slight_smile:

Use Verbatim DVD+R DL only and look that you have booktyped the disc to DVD-ROM.

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For example, when I pause a DVD to do something, then come back later to resume from pause,

Pausing a burn is not something that’s really a legitimate function with DVD+R. It can work, or it can fail. It can also introduce errors in the disc. Pausing a DL recording is doubly likely to fail.

I’d suggest you not do that, or maybe consider getting a recorder with a DVR and do your pausing with the DVR. Then transfer from DVR to DVD later.

I’ve tried both 1109 & 0112 (most recent) firmware with the DVP642 but still have the pause/resume problem with DL discs. I never have this prob with SL discs.

I always use Verbatim DVD+R DL (MKM 001) discs and burn them at either 2.4 or 4x. For SL discs I use nothing but Verbatim or TY, and I never burn them over 8x, even if the media is rated for 16x. As I mentioned before, the discs check out fine in CD-DVD Speed. Look at the last post in the 1650 BCIC firmware thread to see what I mean:


(And I’ve had even better burns than that one using BCDC)

For editing I use DVD-RB Pro, VobBlanker, and DVD Shrink. I verify each backup with PcgEdit, using FixVTS only when needed (rarely). I then play them in WMP 10 & WMP Classic and check for any anomalies. Only after all this do I finally burn the compilation.

You misunderstand my post. I [B]never[/B] pause when burning. I pause/resume when playing the burned DL disc back on my home DVD player, a Philips DVP642. Pause/resume is perhaps the most common function people use when playing DVDs on home players.

When I burn discs I have no background tasks running except for my AV program (Eset NOD32), ATI Tray Tools, and my Logitech mouse & kybrd software.

Booktype is set to DVD-ROM, the default setting in QSuite.

I did mis-read the post, sorry.

Playback problems on burned DL discs are not unusual. My Panasonics and JVC’s will occasionally burp on one, but it’s always recoverable. Doesn’t really matter how good the burn quality is. Your real issue is the player. Mostly I think any newer model should serve you just fine.

I know I don’t always make myself clear and mis-read posts too. :doh:

What Panasonic model do you have? I was considering on of their new models in the $75-125 price range.