Home dvd playback quality

Hi all, hope this question is not too basic - I have tried searching for threads like it on this forum.

When I play a home DVD on my Toshiba sd210e the image is fine until the camera pans and then the image quality is very jumpy.

The original was filmed on an 8mm tape with an old camcorder.
I then recently transferred these films onto my new TRV33 digital camcorder.
Next step was to use Adobe Premiere to edit my movie down and then I used Cyberlink PowerProducer (on highest quality settings) to set menus and chapters before burning it off on an NEC1300a DVD ± writer using Ritek 4.7GB orange discs.

The playback on my PC does not exhibit the same problems though granted I am looking at a fairly small version compared with the problems I see on my widescreen TV.

Any ideas - this is my first foray into DVD making and I have a load of tapes to transfer and don’t want to continue with low quality if there is a simplish fix!

Thanks :smiley:

This is just a guess… but could it have something to do with FPS/Refresh rate?

Thanks for taking the time Ssseth

You refer to FPS/refresh rate - PowerProducer does not give me any options other than high, medium or low quality and I have gone for high. Maybe I need a more sophisticated burning package ?

Tried Adobe Encore to make the DVD - can’t say I found it anything like as user friendly as PowerProducer but it did give me the picture quality improvements that I had hoped for.