Home dvd burner not reading burt dvds but computer reads fine

maybe its just because im new at this but i am running nero 7, burning at 16x with a sony drx-810ul. the dvd plays on my home dvd player but is very choppy and skips scenes. is there anything that i am overlooking? anything i can try? thanks for any help.

What brand of media are you using? Have you tried burning at 8x to see if that helps? Sounds like a disc quality issue to me.

ive tried a few media file types, i am using memorex dvd-r dvds with a write speed of 16x and capacity of 4.7gb

Maybe the memorex discs are your problem, not the best choice.
And like harley said try a lower speed.

Second to slander Memorex. I personally like Maxell DVD’s - no problem at all. Yet :slight_smile: Do keep in mind that DVD’s aren’t known for lasting very very long, even if you are very careful with them :slight_smile: