Home burnt movies won't play in my DVD player

I need help before I go insane!!!
I am trying to burn dvd’s
Sometimes i burn from downloaded movie and sometimes from Burned movies that people have given me.
I either use dvd shrink and then nero or convert etc etc
The dvd will play in my boys dvd player but not ours (JVC)
I have tried doing the region finalizing the disc, everything…
Even if I copy the Burned dvd that people have given me (that plays in both DVD players) it wont play in ours
PLEASE HELP ME!!! THANKYOU :confused: :confused: :confused:

No help due to the forum rules. Read the quote you mde here and re-read the rules.

Where does it say he need help on illegally obtained material…?
It could very well be movies in the public domain and/or home made movies…innocent until proven guilty ring a bell?

Back to the topic.

A little bit more information would be helpful. Furthermore, a title that is more descriptive of your problem (instead of “Can somebody please help me”) is generally also more appreciated and raises your chance of a quick and helpful reply. Also, posting your question more than once is considered crossposting and against forum rules. Please keep this in mind, respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules.

It could be that your player is picky regarding the media used. Have you tried different media (brand)? What media are you using (brand as well as type + or - )?

Sometimes standalone players are picky… Why not look up your specific JVC model at www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers and see if anyone else has had luck with it.

my best guess is that it’s a combo of marginal quality media and a picky dvd player.

please post your media information:
media id? (this can be found on the disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed)
what speed did you burn them at?
what brand and model is your burner?
what firmware do you have?

also, what model is your dvd player?

to ensure the highest quality (and therefore higher compatibility burns) be sure to use high quality media burnt at its rated speed on your burner with the most up to date firmware available from the manufacturer.

definitely check videohelp for your standalone player compatibility and to see if anyone else has had issue or complaints with the same model. some players like -R better than +R. Some pain in the you-know-what players will spit out anything that’s not taiyo yuden media while others will play any junk you throw at them.

also, is this a recent development or is this your first attempt at burning dvds? (in other words, were you previously able to burn dvds that were playable on your home dvd player?)

I apologise for ofeending you all with my lack of knowledge towards these sites and how they run…
Re media type, I have used a few different types ie datastream,xlogic(mabe a couple of others and they are -r which the manual says it takes.
I followed some advice about burning it at a lower speed and making sure it was finalized and it still didnt work???
I honestly have no idea what to do

Use better media like TY and Verbatims and not this cheap crap.

Hi try DVDFab Gold it worked for me ( same problem as you) by