Home Audio Mastering/Error Rates/Replication Newbie Questions

I am getting started working with home audio mastering. The more I get into it I realize about error rates and how replication factories may reject a CD-R master if it’s error rates are too high. (I’m thinking Disc Makers as quality standards overall… as far as I’ve seen they seem to be one of the biggest and my logic tells me they probably have some of the highest standards). I have a few questions that I can’t seem to find the specific info (or right wording for myself) on…

I’ve been looking around and found some statistics but I’m still a little confused on them. Right now I’ve just started using a Sony DRU-830 with Nero CD-DVD speed to check out some different CDs error rates (I actually purchased a Samsung S183L but haven’t used it yet). I saw that the BLER (which is C1 errors per second, if I’m not mistaken?) should be less than 220 for red book standards. My question is basically… what is telling me the BLER? I think I understand “Maximum” is the point where the most C1 errors are happening at once, but is this “Average” the number of C1 errors per second (the BLER)? And when we talk a second, is that meaning 1 second of audio playback? Testing lots of CDs, the “Average” has been very low for me… from less than 1 to maybe 2 or so. Does that sound right?

Burning an 18 minute Audio CD at various speeds, I found the best overall I got was a Maximum of 18, and 180 total C1 errors at 16x. Does this sound right/good enough to send to a replication factory?

As far as the burner goes, I see people recommending Plextor drives to get the lowest error rates. Is this really necessary? I am going to be using the Samsung 183L. I’m not exactly running a super “professional” setup, just out of my basement, but I just want to make sure that the replication factory will not turn down a CD-R master that I make for a client. A part of me thinks that people probably do lots of home-mastering, and while “professional” standards may be higher, a CD replication factory probably will not reject a CD unless there are serious errors, or a lot of C1.

As a side note I’ll be using Wavelab to burn the CD-R master.

Any other information I should know about these things would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!