Holy smoke! Police find cannabis in nunnery

Story here

let the nuns have there cannabis

Yes it’s [B] Holy Smoke[/B] :slight_smile:

ammmmmm ammmmmm let us give thanks for the Holy Smoke :doh: :bigsmile:

the “holy smoke” comments are ROFL hilarious!

But talk about ignorant–what nuns! Really, this story isn’t unlike marijuana growers that try growing it in places such as national parks in the U.S., a kind of misdirection (would seem unlikely to expect to find it there, right?). Same idea here.

Lol! A bunch of blokes blow smoke up the nuns arses … and then the cops blow away the smokescreen.

“The nuns did not know what they were and assumed they were large decorative plants” Im sure they didn’t know what it was when they were smoking it the day before.